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Write-in candidate Dan Shirley declines treasurer position

When Tofte township elections were held in March 2021, incumbent Treasurer Dan Shirley let it be known that he was not running for that office. As co-owner of Sawbill Outfitters in Tofte and School Board chair at School District 166, Shirley has enough to keep him busy.

Despite not running for the office, Shirley won the write-in vote. He has since informed the board that he does not want to accept the position. He will, however, serve until the May township meeting.

Anyone who would like to talk to Shirley about the position may reach him at Sawbill Outfitters at 663-7150.

Information is also available from Tofte township Clerk Kay Burkett at 218-401-0229.

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence checks in with Dan Shirley to see what’s ahead for him–and for the Tofte township.