Cook County Sheriff's Office

Cook County sheriff discusses local enforcement of statewide mask mandate

Statewide, there were about 80 complaints of noncompliance in the first 48 hours of the new mask mandate that was instituted July 25 as a way to slow the spread of the new coronavirus. In Cook County, there were no reports of noncompliance among citizens, though there was one report of a local business not enforcing the mask mandate, according to Cook County Sheriff Pat Eliasen.

In Minnesota, noncompliance for individuals could result in misdemeanor charges and $100 fines.

Noncompliant business owners in Cook County could face $1,000 fines and misdemeanor charges, as well as licensure actions.

WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs spoke with Sheriff Eliasen about the new mask requirements in Minnesota and local enforcement of the mandate in Cook County.