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New reports of vandalism to Black Lives Matter sign on the Gunflint Trail

It happened again.

Following reports earlier this month of multiple acts of theft and intimidation across Cook County, a Black Lives Matter sign was again damaged and vandalized along the Gunflint Trail.

WTIP was provided information today (July 31) that a Black Lives Matter sign in the Middle Gunflint Trail area was again damaged. The incident was captured on video July 30 by a business on the Gunflint Trail near Poplar Lake.

A video captured on a trail cam shows an adult male who was a passenger in a large white Ford crew cab pickup grabbing and hurling a Black Lives Matter sign into the woods along the Gunflint Trail.

In a previous statement from this month sent to WTIP about the theft and damage of Black Lives Matter signs in the region, Cook County Sheriff Pat Eliasen said: “We have experienced some calls for service regarding the damage and removal of Black Lives Matter signs in Cook County. Please know that it is a crime to damage the property of another, and when we receive these calls, we will investigate them, and charges may follow if suspects are identified. Although you may not agree with others’ choices or views, I am asking for your respect in recognizing that everyone has the freedom of expression in this country. Everyone also has the right to display their property in legal methods without the fear of it being destroyed.”