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Tony Hegg: still doing well in Shanghai, China

As Minnesota and the rest of the nation consider how and when to loosen restrictions on activities, eyes on are on China, and how it has handled the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.

WTIP reached out to former Cook County resident, Tony Hegg in February at the height of the health crisis in China. Tony lives with his wife, Jessica Vega, in Shanghai, China. He is a physics post-doctorate researcher at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The couple has lived there for three years. Listen to that first interview here.

We checked in with Tony in March, as Shanghai was starting to come to life again, with people frequenting markets and parks. However, schools had not resumed and Tony was still working mostly at home. Here’s our second conversation.

Here’s WTIP’s Rhonda Silence with Tony Hegg on April 14 to get the latest on the coronavirus situation in Shanghai.