School District 166 school board re-elect board chair, board clerk, and treasurer

School District 166 school board re-elect board chair, board clerk, and treasurer

On Jan. 5, the school board held its annual organizational board meeting. During the meeting, the board members voted to elect three officer positions for 2023. 

The school board members re-elected Dan Shirley as board chair, Carrie Jansen as board clerk, and Rena Rogers as treasurer. 

All three board members served in the position in 2022. 

“So, no changes to those positions. They did have a little shuffle on some of the assignments that they take on for negotiating with bargaining units. But otherwise, everything stays the same,” Chris Lindholm, superintendent of ISD 166, said. 

The school board members had an in-depth discussion regarding the representation of school board members on negotiation teams and bargaining units. Lindholm said ultimately, it was decided to shuffle the teams and assignments for the school board members. 

The 2023 school board assignments and liaison list are here

During the Jan. 5 organizational meeting, the school board members approved compensation rates for school board members, set the time and meeting place of 2023 board meetings, and designated authorized contacts for legal counsel. 

The school board agreed to maintain the 2022 compensation rates for members. 

An annual stipend of $2400 will be paid to all school board members to cover all regular meetings, special meetings, and work sessions. The board chair will receive an additional $700 stipend. Appointed contract negotiations for CCEA (2), Teamsters, Confidential Employees, PreK-5 Principal (2), and 6-12 Principal (2) will receive $35 per negotiation. The mileage rate will be paid at the current IRS rate, as submitted (in and out of district) for all meetings. 

In addition, the school board agreed to host two 2023 work sessions in Grand Portage. 

Lindholm said that prior to the pandemic, the school board held a few meetings in different parts of the district. The school board decided to resume the tradition and chose Grand Portage.

WTIP’S Kalli Hawkins spoke with Chris Lindholm, the superintendent at ISD 166, following the Jan. 5 organizational meeting. Audio from the interview is below.